the weekend in grainy blurry instagram photos

1. A grainy rooftop BBQ to bring in summer the proper way.
2. Learning how to touch my toes. A giant obstacle in my life - Im still on could nine about this one.
3. Taylor Berrett at Webster Hall. Go watch this- right here - meow - you're welcome.
4. Once again marked as the baby. Im surprised they believed me I was over the 16 yr old age limit.
5. Evidence that I am in the running for suckiest best friend of the year. Only wrote him once his whole 2 years out.
6. Claustrophobia via Skype.
7. My old apt in Brooklyn right above the Samoobslogowa laundromat. aka polish/drug dealer town.
8. BK Mac & Cheese in McCarren park. As a rule of thumb for everything in life - ALWAYS add bacon. Even if its just bacon salt.

And since I'm obsessed. Just in case you missed it on twitter or facebook - go here.


  1. i take public joy in the fact that i was with you that ENTIRE weekend. minus skyping...

    so fun!! xo

  2. Ha #5 and 6 are my favorite. Mostly #6.

  3. man, from what I know, or the only memory I have of you as a young child was that you were extremely tall. So I can only imagine that touching your toes would be extremely difficult.

  4. i can always count on you to show me good music. always. bacon makes everything better. MADI. i went to california and had a 50/50 burger. 50% ground bacon meat 50% ground beef. IT WAS AMAZING. you would die. DIE.
    hahahahahahahah. i love that you're so obsessed with it. "WHO'S DOIN IT?!"