It wasn't immediate or dramatic or "fairytale like". It was real and difficult and frustrating. All the common words people use to describe it didn't fit in this particular circumstance. But I would have doubted it if it had been easy.

There are these times though. I wont call it "falling more in love" because those words don't quite fit the feeling. Times where who I am- who I honest to goodness really am- above the labels and thoughts and actions- meet up with who he really is above it all. Everything good or ugly either of us have ever done or experienced is pushed aside. Picture it sort of like standing in the middle of a home with your eyes closed. You take away the clothes and the couch and the bed and tv and toothbrushes and harry potter books & what are you left with?

In this house I now know to be mine.
The walls are determined & unyielding.
Built while we were learning how to shed selfishness
& major in devotion.
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