Lutz, Hornberger & a Cockroach

Number 1- I was dubbed "official cockroach hunter" for the day at work. My coworker took over my duties and made me search for the thing for like and hour. Mama don't like cockroaches that fall from the ceiling.

Number 2 - PETE HORNBERGER AND LUTZ IMPROV. Grizz was even in attendance watching the show. What is this life? Banksy and three 30 Rock characters in the flesh all within 24 hours of each other??
5 dollars at the UCB theater - Apparently Amy Poehler will show up on occasion. Go there. Watch funny things. Laugh.

& Number 3- Nothing could really top number 2, but I did find my watch and an old twix bar in my coat today? It had fallen through that hole in my pocket i've been meaning to sew up. 

I ATE the twix bar if you were wondering.  It was all smashed and everything. 
I couldn't just NOT eat the twix bar, am I right or am I right?


  1. You are right. As long as it's wrapped, you eat the treat.

  2. anna's right. eat that sucker.
    i'm jealous of pete and lutz. like SO JEALOUS. i was watching felicity last night and PETE IS IN IT. HE'S IN IT!!!!! he has a unibrow and a weird moustache. it was weird.
    kewl outfit. kewl killing skillz.