Annie & Hannah

Annie has been and continues to be one of my closest friends living down here in utah county. She asked me to take a few pictures of her and her friend who just moved to Maine while she was back for the holidays.
Hannah and i just met today but i felt like us three were the best of friends instantly.

These two girls were bliss to work with.


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teeny tiny wee bit of an addiction

(all i'm sayin is it's a good thing i don't drink because i get addicted to things waayyy to easily)

Shannon showed me it a few weeks ago and I immediately made a 'my wedding' folder. It's embarrassing how many photo's and idea's I have put into it from once wed. When i have my wedding (in ten years or so) I am using every.single.idea that blog has.

Take a few minutes hours and stalk it.
Your happiness level will increase one hundred and twelve points.
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I came home to this happening at my house last night. 

My family celebrated winter solstice by dancing around the fire and burning my mom and sisters homework from the past semester/past 4 years for Danica (yay graduation!)

i love my family.

My favorite part is my mom yelling at her teacher, whats yours?
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laaaarrren & roommates

 I'm have the deepest love for this pretty lady pictured above.
Lauren was one of the original girls that opened texas roadhouse with me last year.
We both started the same day and we quit a day apart.
Her reason for quitting?
She's going on a mission next month to Florida, and I can't explain my excitement for her!
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