Happy Holidays

I don't get to go home for the Holidays this year (which I can't think about or I might have a small-ish break down) so moving on to the fact that I get to have a New York Christmas & New Year Eve which am pretty stoked for! Can you say watch the ball drop from Aubrey's rooftop complete with twinkle lights AND party hats?? Aubrey and her family are also adopting me this weekend for Christmas and I am so excited to see that adorable little town and family of hers (again)

These are pictures from the Ward Christmas party on Saturday (taken by alpha) and I felt it was necessary to post them here. I love my little Ward family more than I can express.

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yes I may just be copy and pasting what brissa said about this
but once you watch it, you will be over any copyright infringement
harsh feeling issues you may have towards me.

"the climax makes my heart pound
and cuts my breath short.
all the holy's.
the way he strings words together.
pilot lights.
movie screens appearing on awakened planets.
falling for a swish of light.
black construction paper night."

those holy's guys.
gets me every time.
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"look into my eyes"

No Doubt
Jay Z/ Linkin Park
Neil Young
Good Charlotte
The Notorious B.I.G
Ace Of Base
50 Cent
Jackson Browne
Christina Aguilera
Alanis Morissette

3 hours going strong listening to music from our childhood.
Depicted in this picture is Danica confessing things shes never told anyone.
3000 miles apart and still family bonding.

Go here to listen to my whole childhood.
This might be the best playlist in the existence of playlists.

3 in the morning and I am loving life right now.
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