hola! hola!

I'm not gonna lie. As much as I am I love seeing this everyday, I am out of my mind with excitment for my vaca.

San Fran in 10 days
Utah in 16.

I could cry from excitement.

Time for a break from the buildings and smelly subways.
I need some nature in mee life!

Family, Friends, driving in a car! Chick-fli-a, Logan, Kneaders, watching 30 rock with sister.

And don't even get me started on my list for San Fransisco. What the beach?! Who even knew that word existed in february!? I am being forced to actaully shave my legs and not hide them under tights every day.

Also, I need lovin from these babies this instant!

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via claire

more doing

less sitting

more saving
less spending

more reading
less watching

more organic
less processed

more sleep
less worry

more meals
less snacks

more protein
less sweets

more letters
less texts

more faces
less facebook

more nature
less urban

more participating
less observing

more faith
less doubt

more forgiveness
less judgement

more praise
less blame

more love
less hurry

more trying
less hesitation

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