The day Madi went ape shiz and decided to go on a mission

Let me lay it out for you real simple.
I've never been the mission type.
& in all my years of growing up in the church, watching my other friends talk about the day they get to go out and serve the Lord, i've personally have never had a desire to actually go on one. I would say I was more on the other extreme as in no way in hell could anyone convince me to go. Is that awful to admit? I've always thought missions were wonderful life changing events, but just not my life changing event, anybody feelin me? 

So when the thoughts of a mission started about 8 months ago, I resisted.
This was not in the plan.
My plan was NY & everything it had to offer.
I wanted to stay here with my incredible friends in my incredible city.

I wasn't ready or willing to give up NY 8 months ago. & if we're being honest, 
I just didn't want give up chipotle for 18 months. But after some miracles to actually get me to take down my wall and say yes, it blows my mind to see how I have been prepared for this even through my resisting and fighting it. This gospel didnt mean to me back then in Utah what it does to me now. I had to find it. & it took NY to do that.

So (finally!) my mission papers in, i'm waiting for that white envolope in the mail to tell me where my next 18 month adventure will take place,  
& i'm more excited than I could ever explain to you in words. Maybe in person I could explain it to you in a lot of high pitched squeals and screams but I dont want to try and write those here. 
I think this photo a couple posts down sums up my excitement pretty well.

Sooooo, listen here- 
Straight up, 
No doubt in my mind - 
This is what I want, but more importantly what the Lord wants for me.

&&& I cannot wait to give everything I have for Him.

The following picture makes me incredibly happy and breaks my heart all at the same time. 
I can't handle my roller coaster of emotions these days. I'm a giant ball of mess.

I'm comin home utah.
If not but for a month or two- i'm comin home.
(cue chorus of "Home" by Daughtry)


  1. I felt the exact same way before I went on my mission. The "Hell, NO!" kind. And here we are. It has come and gone. You'll find that it will be the strangest adventure you've ever been on. And a great on too.

  2. I loveeeeeeee this.


  3. SHUT UP! So cool Madi! Of course I'm hoping for an ASl mission, as I'm sure Danica is as well ;)

  4. @rachel!

    ahhhh rachel thats the only thing im actually hoping for! i put down that i know asl so i crossing my fingers. i dont care where i go i just want sign!!

    but im playing it cooool. i mean not a big deal if i dont. I will be just as happy to learn japanese haha or go to salt lake temple square speaking english.

  5. my heart is still so happy. like SO happy for you.
    and yes, catch-up date asap. we don't have much time to establish this bff-ness before you go and preach the truth!

  6. I'm going go on a head and just put it out there that my hopes are for you serve a sign language mission...maybe that's my own personal agenda...

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  8. Can I just say that the title of this post is probably the best part of this whole thing (aside from you, you know, serving the Lord and all).

  9. LOVE the title of this post. SO SO happy that you're doing this. Madi, I've always thought you were the greatest. Every time I get a glimpse of your personality, I can tell that you have such a strong testimony and love for the Gospel. We will definitely have to get together when we both get back.
    I don't know why all these peeps are hoping you serve and ASL mission, but I'm crossing my fingers you're coming to Quito with me!