A Year in New York

I thought this appropriate to post for my one year mark of living here.

I love when I get a glimpse of how large this city really is. It's different when you actually live in the middle of this monstrosity and it just becomes your every day life. I love the random moments on the 7 train where you get to see the skyline, or when your in a cab and get to see the city in a whole new way.

I don't want to ever leave this place. Can't everything I want to do in life be right here so I never have to go?!

Like Nicole said , make it full screen and turn the sound up. Hopefully you can start to see why I am in love with NY.

Please tell me this video made you cry as well..
I'm such a sap.
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One year ago
literally this instant,
I was on a plane flying to NYC.

I sat down to really take this past year in, and it was one of those times where you have this wave of "holy shiz, what just happened?" and then you can't breathe for a second because of the overwhelming-ness of the situation. And then you eat some cold left over dominos pizza in the fridge.

Have I really made it a whole year? #notreallife. There is literally no way to bundle up all of my thoughts and feelings over the past year. So much love for this incredible experience. Hardest yet absolutely and completely most rewarding time of my life.

The people i've met.. ohhhhh the people! If you only knew the people.
These as some incredible human beings.
They don't come greater than these ones I gots.
But really. A place is only as good as the people you know.
And this place is reealll real good.

Living here has made my love and appreciation for this gospel grow ten million gagillion folds. Its not only something that I incorporate into my life. It IS my life.

I love how the process works of being able to grow and learn and become new people. I have changed in every aspect of my life. The picture is broader. And I am happy.

I cant wait to see how wide the picture is in another year.
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I am the hole in the doughnut

"First, you evaluate yourself. What am I? I am the circle. I am the hole in the doughnut. I would be nothing without the Lord. My breath, my brains, my hearing, my sight, my locomotion, my everything depends upon the Lord. That is the first step and then we pray, and pray often, and we will not get up from our knees until we have communicated. The line may be down; we may have let it fall to pieces, but I will not get up from my knees until I have established communication--if it is twenty minutes, if it is all night like Enos. If it takes all day long, you stay on your knees until your unhumbleness has dissipated, until you feel the humble spirit and realize, 'I could die this minute if it were not for the Lord's good grace. I am dependent upon him--totally dependent upon him,
and then you read the scriptures."

- The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 233
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