chipotle heist

I am now on a Bon Iver kick and since we're already here I have to express to you my love for his new album.
Have you heard it?
If not, please treat your souls to his beautiful voice.
He is coming to Brooklyn in August but madi might be a bit broke.
I thought about not to eating for a week so i could go,
but I am pretty sure that would lead me to holding up a chipotle or taco bell or something.
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last night in the BK

Brooklyn has been my home for almost 6 months now, and it has become the only way i know how to live.

I know to take the G to the 7 to get to work, or if it's a thursday or friday, G to the E to the 6.

I know I have to walk out the door exactly an hour before work and this puts me there 20 minutes early but if i leave just a few minutes later i will miss the subway and by the time the next one comes and I will be 5 mintues late to work. 20 minutes early.. or 5 mintues late has been the battle in my life.

I know that once i get off the subway I can start singing in my head the street names in order and once i reach Newel and see the samalaboogaslawa laundry mat on the next block, I am home.

I know that the moment I get on the L train heading towards bedford ave, I will be in a sea of hipsters.

I know that on saturdays and sundays if you walk around williamsburg you will find some of the best farmers and artist markets.

I know that 9 times out of 10 the conversation in passing will be in polish and I will feel like I'm in a different country.

I know that whenever someone new comes over to my apt. without fail they will ask "I feel like I am falling over when I walk, is this apartment slanted?" Slanted is a massive understatement.

I know that if i am walking home past ten on any given night, there will be the same gangsters in front of the deli on diamond and nassau, doing their drug deals, and blasting their thug music. It's become a sense of stability in my life.

Tomorrow this time Norman Ave will no longer be my address. I will no longer have chalkboard paint walls. I won't have to leave an hour early to get to my destination. I won't have 2 black kitties as my sleeping companions. And I won't get to call Brooklyn my hood anymore.

Tomorrow I will be the newest resident to the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
I am ecstatic to be starting a new and learning to become a true new yorker.

Due to this being my last night in the BK I took a stroll around my hood and snapped a few photos on my way.

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MoMa Fashion Show

Remember how I dog sit?

My friend is out of town at least a week out of every month and I get to go stay at her place in chelsea while she is gone to baby sit her pup's. I get to sleep in her huge beautiful bed and watch netflix on her flat screen tv. And it's conveniently located a block away from Chipotle and Pinkberry. I loooove when she needs me to stay over. She treats me so good, seriously I love this girl.

The other night she snuck me and danna lee into her fashion show she was modeling in at the MoMA. I about peed my pants when i heard it was a charity show raising money for Aids hosted by JAMES FRANCO. She took us back to where they were getting ready and i was in a sea of shirtless male models. We snuck out to the runway and to watch her and spotted James Franco himself. I also saw Lance Bass from NSYNC and Ke$ha was rumored to be there but was never spotted.

I am making her sneak me into all of her fashion shows from now on.
Having a super model as a friend has it's perks.
One of them is being able to say that to try and myself sound legit.

That first picture is Michelle, I love her pup's.
This is where you can appropriately comment on how completely under dressed I was.
The guy in the jean jacket is her boy friend.
And am not exaggerating when I say they are seriously cutest couple ever.

this night was the shiz.
the only thing that could have made it better
is if Justin Bieber himself was there.
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i am loving my time here in utah.
logan was utterly blissful.
a much needed weekend with my girls.
i was reminded how absolutely lucky i am 
to have them as the examples 
and role models in my life.
and yes i have been back and forth
about staying here and 
never going back to NY.
but that would be giving up. 
and i have realized this past week that giving up
is the easy way out and i am 
seeing way to much of it around me.
the past five months i have 
learned things that i could have never learned 
while living in utah.
living in NY has not been easy,
but what i learned last week in a zoobies (definition 1 please) apt.
is that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
so i will keep going,
and keep forcing myself into uncomfortable situations
because that's the only way I keep moving and growing.

and now in two days madi is putting her big girl pants on
and is heading back to the place where she will
eventually be able 
and happy 
to call home.

this is the only picture documented of my time in logan.
but it might have been the best part.

out on babbitts swing in her backyard loving our lives.

also, thank you chels for showing me more of angus and julia stone.
i can't get enough of them.

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Rue Magazine

Remember that crack load of posts i still need to do? Here we go with the first one off the check list.

Have you heard of Rue Magazine?
Well its pretty much an adorable magazine and you should start reading it.
If you click on the link above and flip through until page 145 you will see a video up in the right hand corner of the page. Friendships, this is my video!

Okay well only partly my video. But i still got giddy when i saw the video featured in the magazine.

My dear friend Matt Sundin was so kind to let me tag team film and edit this "modern varitey show" with him for Rue Magazine. The magazine was doing a piece on turning a normal reception into a Modern Variety Show which included a magician, a jazz band, a personal painter, and a photobooth.

I didn't care very much for the song choice but its whats we had to work with so.. 
Love me or hate me it's still an obsession. (bad girls club anyone?)

It's So Us: A Modern Variety Show from Madison Waters on Vimeo.
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