There are no words.
just joy.
pure and utter joy.

if you haven't joined,
please join and
treat your souls to something wonderful.

i am loving the feature
where i can see my other friends playlists.
sooo much new music.
my current selection seems so inadequate now.
i never knew there was so much happiness
just sitting there patiently waiting for me.


heres a pretty picture for your view pleasure.
credit goes to my seester seester who took it during the fam's visit last week.

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the yankees skype did you know?

Do you remember my obession with skyping?
I sure you haven't forgotten due to the overly exsessive screen shots I post.  

During the Yankees game we used my dads phone to skype my sister & family into the game.
Can you even handle technology these days?

It was happy.
and i need me one of them thurr i-phone things.

Me and skype are in a realtionship.
And I think its a bit unhealthy.
But I don't care, we love each other.
You cant deny true love.
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my week in really big instagram pictures

mom, dad, and sister came to visit me this past week.
i got to be a tourist again and do a lot of the things i have yet to do (a.k.a that cost monies)
here is our blissful ridiculously hot and humid week via super large instagram pictures. 

t'was a great week.
missin the fam already.
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don't be alarmed

but i kind of went all domestic ape shiz and made this skirt out of two old t-shirts.
say whaaa?
that's right, i did it and i would do it again. (said it hard core thug voice)
listen if i can do it, you can do it ten times better.
i don't sew. infact i don't do anything domestic like very often.
but once I saw this on pinterest and saw how cute these clothes are that this girl makes herself,
i thought i would give it a try.

i am very pleased with the result.
and it has sort of turned me into a sewing machine.
baha no pun intended.

if any of my other projects turn out i will post them but lets just go ahead and assume that all things domestic are going to stop here.

also i think something is definitely wrong with me because on saturday i also went running *cue gasps* for the first time in years. YEARS. but i just figured with central park being a block away i couldn't not take advantage of it. that and every time i look in my closet my running shoes that i've had for 6 months and haven't used yet, are staring back up at me. And I figured they would stop looking at me in disgust for not using them and choosing to eat chipotle instead if i took them out once. but i am sad to report its only gotten worse. i sort of enjoyed the whole running thing *cue second round of gasps* and i am now just itching to take them out again.

I don't know whats happening to me but it's freaking me out a little bit.
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6 months suckas!

Does it seem as amazing to you as it does to me that I have already been out here for 6 months?
6 months?? That's 2/3rds of a pregnancy. Now for reals, does anyone else relate time to a pregnancy? Cus I plan my life in increments of pregnancies.  

This whole NY experience, yet incredibly difficult, has been life changing. I am so grateful for how blessed I was to find a job out here and have been given the opportunities I was. I am a completely different person than I was 6 months ago. And I know that's just how life works. We are constantly changing and growing, and hopefully in all of that, trying to become better people. And maybe this is just another one of lifes many ah-ha moments where i look back and realize how far I've come.
But I am very grateful for these moments.

I am grateful for being in this stage of life. It feels like I am always looking and hoping to be somewhere else or be doing something different or what I have is not quite good enough. I mean come on, I live in New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world. I don't know how much better it can get, right?

It's a completely different experience living in Manhattan than in Brooklyn. And yes there are great things about both places and Brooklyn will always hold a piece of my heart but can I just say that I am loving Manhattan. I love my apartment. I love my wonderful roommates. And I am loving experiencing this part of NY. Please, do yourself a favor and move out here with me. You can sleep on my couch. And if you play your cards right maybe even in my bed.. with me in it..

My Familia comes to visit tomorrow, FOR A WHOLE BLESSED WEEK. I am S.T.oked.
So be prepared for some great posts with lots of family lovin in em.

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H.S of W. and W.

For all you sad souls out there crying over harry potter ending 
and not being apart of your life anymore,
this is what i have to say to you...

Suck it! Cus I just got accepted to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry!

I looked in mail box and found this little baby gleaming up at me. I opened it on the elevator ride up to my apartment and was freaking out. I'm sure the people in there with me thought I was a sane person.

Maybe now I can crawl out of that corner I've been in for days crying over my childhood ending?

I would die a happy woman right now.
Thank you for the letter friend!

Long Live HP!!!!!!!!!
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Pictures from the walk me and my rommate took last night.
So grateful this view is a 5 minute walk from my apartment.

Life is good friends.
Harry Potter in 36 hours!
Family comes on tuesday!
Babbitt comes in 2 weeks!
(thats the noise my insides are making, i es so excited)

Now enjoy this great song,
that i might have found watching pretty little liars last night.
don't judge. its a great show.

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I could see for miles, miles, miles

Don't be mad. It might be another bon iver song. 
But his brilliance is too much to keep to myself!

This is my favorite so far on his new album.

I am sure if he came to my house right now and sang to me
I would morph back into a human being 
instead of staying this sunburned glob.
Healing powers his voice has.

Magic I tell you, magic.
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Please excuse the nudity.

Since getting scorched at the beach on saturday
I have been confined to my apartment, besides going to work.
Partly due to the passing out/throwing up feeling i get when i walk outside,
partly due to the feeling my skin gets when the sun is on it (ouch),
but mostly due to my beet colored body
and not wanting to been seen by the human race.
I am not kidding when I say 
this is the worst sunburn i have ever experienced
in my entire years of being alive. 
My face is starting to peel 
and I am sort of starting to feel like I am turning into another creature.

So due to my condition tonight has been a very quite night in my apartment
with only arrested development
and the newest episode of the bachelorette to comfort me.
My night became a million times better when on skype this little lady came to see me 
right after taking her bath to give me the happiest smile that literally melted my heart.
She also tried to hug me (i.e the computer screen) quite a few times as well.

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hard boiled eggs

This the exact feeling I get every time someone eats my food.
Angry, than deeply deeply sad.

Listen, I feel like I am a pretty laid back person usually.
And I don't really get worked up over dumb things.
 But if I am at work all day excited to come back
and eat that left over taco bell in the fridge
that shiz better be there when i get home,
or someone is going to meet a very hungry unhappy Madi.

To clarify:
If I offer the food to you,
you may take it.
If you ask me before hand
and I say yes,
you may take it.
But do not use the 
"its better to ask forgiveness than permission"
excuse with me and my delicious food. 

I am very grateful I live in an apartment with girls who follow this rule.
Thank you girls of 15J who keep me a level headed human being.

And thank you for listening to my very UN-levelheaded ramblings.
(I take a bow)
and goodnight.
(curtain closes)
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This is about to be the longest post of your life,
but I am just trying to make up for my lack of posting the past two months.

Now I know I am a little behind the band wagon on my fourth of july post 
and you are probably sick of getting on blogger and every post is labled 
"Fourth" or "The 4th" or "Our little family's first 4th"
and you thought you were in the clear until next year of independence day posts

so that is why it is not labled at all. 
Ha! I sucked you right in.
And now you're here.
and you can never ever leave.

Now procceding to zee pictures*

*I apologize for how bad your eyes hurt
once you get done looking at my face in these.

I am so glad I got to spend the weekend in DC
with my Kirst Nugget and Andy (p.s. trucks) who i haven't seen
in what feels like a life time.

First of all, Nutella Calzone.
Are you dying right now?
Most heavenly thing on this earth.
This was the last bite.
And you better believe we downed that whole calzone in .52 seconds.
If you are ever in DC go to 7th Hill Pizza. 
Greatest decision you will ever make.

We went to the eastern market and loved our lives for a bit.
For those of you who know me, 
these pictures might seem a little odd for me to be posting

You see,
I hate fruit. *shudder*
I hate the word fruit. *shudder*
I hate eating fruit. *double sudder*
But surprisingly i love these pictures.

We went to the Arlington Cemetery 
and got caught in a torrential downpour.
So while everyone waited trying to dry off in the visitors center
me and nug went out and played in it some more. 
It was glorious.

We found this lil' treasure miss Morgan at church.
Happy happy day!
This Skype Date included us talking to people in the following locations all at once:
Bunkerville to Belize to Washington DC to Bear Lake.

Its true this video did not need to be 40 seconds long, 
but i was too lazy to cut it down.

We got the most prime spots on capital hill for the concert and fireworks.
We were right behind the chairs that people paid to sit at,
right in front of us was the path that all the celebrities walked on to get to their spot on stage,
Jordan Sparks was 2 feet away from me for like a whole 30 seconds,
and nuggy got on t.v. 3 times because she was being a crazy dancing american lover fool.
All for FREE.

Life was Blissful this weekend.

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