banksy high

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Its been my goal ever since my friend Babbitt came to stay last summer to find a Banksy before I leave. We searched the whole time she was here but never found one.  So imagine my surprise when A FRIGGIN BANKSY JUST LANDED IN MY LAP TONIGHT. No but really. How does this just happen?

Number 1. I am almost never in a car in the city. Im like a rat just down in those subways all day. This was a very rare and out of the blue occasion. Number 2. We were taking random side streets to get home. How in the *&%$# did we happen to go down that street? Number 3. The light was red guys. It could have been green, or worse it could have been yellow and my friend decide to run the light!! I would have never even seen it. Number 4. What if I hadn't looked to my left?! There very well could have been a cute little kitten or a man selling churros to my right and I wouldn't have ever seen it! Either would have gotten my full attention and I wouldn't have even known I was directly across from a Banksy. Number 5. Im gonna stop going through the what if's now because its really bummin me out.

The stars aligned from the heavens above for Madi tongiht. 
And a week before I ship out?! It was a Banksy Christmas Miracle.

A few more favorites from Banksy-


  1. There's one of these in Park City, did you know? Though, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if it's a authentic Bansky or not... take a look!

  2. SOOOO GOOOD!!!! fate. fate, fate, fate.

    they've got one in Park City lady! You can go see that one when you get home... though you're cool enough that you probably already knew that. LOVE ME SOME BANKSY!

  3. I just read the comment above mine. WE'RE SCREAMING IT AT YOU. BANKSY BANKSY BANKSY!