Hurricane what?

Its been all emergency preparation/hurry and grab water flashlights and canned goods at the grocery store before it runs out here in NYC. I am pretty sure these past few days city has been having a collective panic attack all together. Between this hurricane and the earthquake a few days ago its been one strange week out here.

But all is well my friends. Me and my apartment are well stocked up for this weekend. We have a prime spot in my roommates room to watch the storm from(a stairwell just in case things get nasty), and plenty of junk food to keep us happy all weekend.

As much as I don't think anything is going to happen, i know prayers are always a good thing. So all my homies in the 801, please keep the east coast in your thoughts this weekend!

Here's to a safe weekend!

and i couldn't resist..

  The Cults - Go Outside by pcagx 

  White Hinterland - Icarus by erinaomi


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  1. i guess those of us in the 435 aren't worthy enough to pray for you too? ouch...