Things I want for you:
make as much light as you possibly can in this world

go everywhere, do everything, meet everyone

make as many other people feel seen and understood as you can

acknowledge someone when they speak to you, greet you, or show you human decency

listen to all of the music

eat good stuff

make things when you can

say things when you think them

never let being scared be the reason you don’t do something that matters to you

eye contact

never be afraid to be ugly.

respect your pace

respect other people’s paces

take a minute to be absolutely blown away by how completely beyond anything your imagination could have concocted this world can be whenever it happens

ask questions

tip well

make people laugh until it hurts and isn’t funny and they’re crying and maybe farting a little

appreciate the magic in getting to know someone

never stop loving people f-ing wholeheartedly

via drink your juice


  1. this is so wise and lovely - thank you for sharing with us :)

  2. Good good good. The paces. So important. Sometimes I lose patience in big cities! I needed to read this! Thank you :)

  3. i really seriously love this. farting a little. ahaha.