untz untz untz untz

I am giving a talk in church on sunday. 
And to be honest, 
the rough draft has sort of turned into 
a Harry Potter, Buddhism fest. 
I may even throw in there a little Judaism and Confucianism.
How do you feel about it?

I feel its gonna be a party.
(fist pump)

on another note,

Isn't he just the ugliest cutest thing in the whole entire world?
I can't wait to spend the next few weeks with him.
He loves me can't you tell?


  1. snorttty snortty snortty what your name is!!!

  2. snorty kills me. oh my heavens !

  3. i really wish i could hear this talk. really. really.
    this title is probably one of my favorites ever and it reminded me to watch jersey shore.

  4. @Brissa I will perform it for you when we live together. dont even worry. "It's T-shirt time!!!!" "OH YEAH!"