And you thought it wasn't possible to star gaze in NYC.

you were so wrong.
do you see those 3 dots??
straight up beautiful.
it just doesn't get better folks...

and don't get mad, more music.
(feel free to collectivity groan)
I have a problem where my subconscious nags at me
until I share my musical findings with the blogging world.
It's a curse...
and a blessing.
...peace and blessings.

this post officially has waaay to many ...'s in it.
i hate ...'s don't you?

meow on to the music.

**I apologize, I realized after I hit publish that I wrote this half asleep, with a head cold. Literally, this whole post doesn't make any sense. I'm afraid this cloud in my head (I am calling it cloud irene in honor of the hurricane about to hit us this weekend) came to invade my head and sense of judgment and all things rational. All I have to say now is that this time next week, I will have survived my first hurricane and earthquake, all within a few days of each other. (double fist pump) untz untz untz untz.

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  1. reason #230948723 why we're best friends: using "meow" instead of "now."

    "right meow?"
    is one of my favorite phrases.