don't be alarmed

but i kind of went all domestic ape shiz and made this skirt out of two old t-shirts.
say whaaa?
that's right, i did it and i would do it again. (said it hard core thug voice)
listen if i can do it, you can do it ten times better.
i don't sew. infact i don't do anything domestic like very often.
but once I saw this on pinterest and saw how cute these clothes are that this girl makes herself,
i thought i would give it a try.

i am very pleased with the result.
and it has sort of turned me into a sewing machine.
baha no pun intended.

if any of my other projects turn out i will post them but lets just go ahead and assume that all things domestic are going to stop here.

also i think something is definitely wrong with me because on saturday i also went running *cue gasps* for the first time in years. YEARS. but i just figured with central park being a block away i couldn't not take advantage of it. that and every time i look in my closet my running shoes that i've had for 6 months and haven't used yet, are staring back up at me. And I figured they would stop looking at me in disgust for not using them and choosing to eat chipotle instead if i took them out once. but i am sad to report its only gotten worse. i sort of enjoyed the whole running thing *cue second round of gasps* and i am now just itching to take them out again.

I don't know whats happening to me but it's freaking me out a little bit.


  1. YESSSSSSSSSS! I also have that pinned but I have no sewing machine, boo. I'm so glad you made it and that it's darling!

  2. MADDSSSSSSSSSSKIIIIII i freaking love how fetching cute your are in this little number. Also I can't picture you running, but I am sure you are adorable doing that to :)

  3. You should just wear your running shoes to go to chipotle.

  4. ok madi i need to know how you made this so you should do a step by step because i really want to make on.. or i guess you could just facebook me a step by step on how to make this or send me the place where you learned how to make this.. it is so freaking cute

  5. so cute!! good job myrtle!

  6. Ohhhh San. Okay... So here's what I'm thinking.
    Next weekend.
    You and me, running in Central Park... TO Chipotle... (for you, of course) and then to somewhere... actually yummy for me. kgreat.

    Oh yeah, and I adore you.