Please excuse the nudity.

Since getting scorched at the beach on saturday
I have been confined to my apartment, besides going to work.
Partly due to the passing out/throwing up feeling i get when i walk outside,
partly due to the feeling my skin gets when the sun is on it (ouch),
but mostly due to my beet colored body
and not wanting to been seen by the human race.
I am not kidding when I say 
this is the worst sunburn i have ever experienced
in my entire years of being alive. 
My face is starting to peel 
and I am sort of starting to feel like I am turning into another creature.

So due to my condition tonight has been a very quite night in my apartment
with only arrested development
and the newest episode of the bachelorette to comfort me.
My night became a million times better when on skype this little lady came to see me 
right after taking her bath to give me the happiest smile that literally melted my heart.
She also tried to hug me (i.e the computer screen) quite a few times as well.


  1. yup. thats ma baby right thur. goodness I love her!

  2. This is just the cutest thing ever!

  3. i love seeing that cute girl's smiling face!