hard boiled eggs

This the exact feeling I get every time someone eats my food.
Angry, than deeply deeply sad.

Listen, I feel like I am a pretty laid back person usually.
And I don't really get worked up over dumb things.
 But if I am at work all day excited to come back
and eat that left over taco bell in the fridge
that shiz better be there when i get home,
or someone is going to meet a very hungry unhappy Madi.

To clarify:
If I offer the food to you,
you may take it.
If you ask me before hand
and I say yes,
you may take it.
But do not use the 
"its better to ask forgiveness than permission"
excuse with me and my delicious food. 

I am very grateful I live in an apartment with girls who follow this rule.
Thank you girls of 15J who keep me a level headed human being.

And thank you for listening to my very UN-levelheaded ramblings.
(I take a bow)
and goodnight.
(curtain closes)


  1. madi, this is one of my favorite FAVORITE episodes. the charlie brown episode will be a classic. i'm just going to move to new york and we can be friends and quote ad all the days of our lives.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6fq3Jkh9Es

    Just B-T-dubs :)