6 months suckas!

Does it seem as amazing to you as it does to me that I have already been out here for 6 months?
6 months?? That's 2/3rds of a pregnancy. Now for reals, does anyone else relate time to a pregnancy? Cus I plan my life in increments of pregnancies.  

This whole NY experience, yet incredibly difficult, has been life changing. I am so grateful for how blessed I was to find a job out here and have been given the opportunities I was. I am a completely different person than I was 6 months ago. And I know that's just how life works. We are constantly changing and growing, and hopefully in all of that, trying to become better people. And maybe this is just another one of lifes many ah-ha moments where i look back and realize how far I've come.
But I am very grateful for these moments.

I am grateful for being in this stage of life. It feels like I am always looking and hoping to be somewhere else or be doing something different or what I have is not quite good enough. I mean come on, I live in New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world. I don't know how much better it can get, right?

It's a completely different experience living in Manhattan than in Brooklyn. And yes there are great things about both places and Brooklyn will always hold a piece of my heart but can I just say that I am loving Manhattan. I love my apartment. I love my wonderful roommates. And I am loving experiencing this part of NY. Please, do yourself a favor and move out here with me. You can sleep on my couch. And if you play your cards right maybe even in my bed.. with me in it..

My Familia comes to visit tomorrow, FOR A WHOLE BLESSED WEEK. I am S.T.oked.
So be prepared for some great posts with lots of family lovin in em.


  1. ahhhh im so jealous and I am going to wish that I was in every single picture. Seriously, I can already pretend to see myself in a mom sandwhich picture. put put put!

  2. six months?!?!
    we really are meant to be bffl's. whenever anyone says nine months, i say, "that's enough time to have a baby!!" everything is harry potter and babies in my mind. please be living in new york this time next year and i'll be there. on your couch. forever.