This is about to be the longest post of your life,
but I am just trying to make up for my lack of posting the past two months.

Now I know I am a little behind the band wagon on my fourth of july post 
and you are probably sick of getting on blogger and every post is labled 
"Fourth" or "The 4th" or "Our little family's first 4th"
and you thought you were in the clear until next year of independence day posts

so that is why it is not labled at all. 
Ha! I sucked you right in.
And now you're here.
and you can never ever leave.

Now procceding to zee pictures*

*I apologize for how bad your eyes hurt
once you get done looking at my face in these.

I am so glad I got to spend the weekend in DC
with my Kirst Nugget and Andy (p.s. trucks) who i haven't seen
in what feels like a life time.

First of all, Nutella Calzone.
Are you dying right now?
Most heavenly thing on this earth.
This was the last bite.
And you better believe we downed that whole calzone in .52 seconds.
If you are ever in DC go to 7th Hill Pizza. 
Greatest decision you will ever make.

We went to the eastern market and loved our lives for a bit.
For those of you who know me, 
these pictures might seem a little odd for me to be posting

You see,
I hate fruit. *shudder*
I hate the word fruit. *shudder*
I hate eating fruit. *double sudder*
But surprisingly i love these pictures.

We went to the Arlington Cemetery 
and got caught in a torrential downpour.
So while everyone waited trying to dry off in the visitors center
me and nug went out and played in it some more. 
It was glorious.

We found this lil' treasure miss Morgan at church.
Happy happy day!
This Skype Date included us talking to people in the following locations all at once:
Bunkerville to Belize to Washington DC to Bear Lake.

Its true this video did not need to be 40 seconds long, 
but i was too lazy to cut it down.

We got the most prime spots on capital hill for the concert and fireworks.
We were right behind the chairs that people paid to sit at,
right in front of us was the path that all the celebrities walked on to get to their spot on stage,
Jordan Sparks was 2 feet away from me for like a whole 30 seconds,
and nuggy got on t.v. 3 times because she was being a crazy dancing american lover fool.
All for FREE.

Life was Blissful this weekend.


  1. haha my favorite part is where you are shuddering about f****

  2. i'm sorry you hate the f-word. but your weekend looks amaaaaazing.

  3. I love my city :) We should probably try to be in the same city at some point

    .....and I adore Kim!

  4. that looks like SO much fun!! you two are so stinkin cute :) and of course Morgan haha love you!!

  5. good crew right there. Ahmurica!