oh hey, surpise utah, i've missed you.

My visit to utah was a surprise for my family and this past month since I booked my ticket has been the longest of my life. I was giddy all month waiting for this reaction.

Short version. I hid in the basement, skyped my family, grabbed my niece hadley, held her up to the camera and waited for a reaction.

Surprising people has got to be up there on my "all time greatest things in life" list.

Untitled from danica rugg on Vimeo.

 (excuse the no make up. i went to bed at 130 and got up at 330 to go to the airport so that plus no sleep on the plane due to the child sitting behind me that was kicking the back of my chair the whole time i think is excuse enough for the way i look in these pictures )


  1. that video makes me smile. surprising family is the beest. i'm glad you got to pull it off. i love everyone's reactions and how your dad sat down to keep skyping. hahahah.

  2. yay!! we are so glad for the surprise!

  3. That's the cutest thing I've ever seen San!! ha ha ha... I LOVED Kira's reaction... so funny!!!