You make me feel like dancing.

I had an interview today. 
I had and interview today to take over shannon's job when she leaves. 
And i got it. And I can't decide wether to be happy or sad right now.
But for a moment I was happy and danced around to this song. 
Hence the words in this picture.

..okay, back to mixed feelings.

I am now going to keep editing and watching adorable chuck and her sexy boyfriend in the happiest show you will ever watch, pushing daisies.

Many thanks to Brett and his musical finding abilities


  1. I LOVE Pushing Daisies and PB&J

  2. congrats! I just got a new job too :)

  3. our mutual love for pushing daisies is another reason for us to be bestos and for me to move out there now.

  4. just so you are aware, blake is trying to mimic your blog. i can't tell you how much she talks about you and adores you. If i want her to do something, I say "madi loves to do it" and then she will do it without question. NO joke. Blake and I miss you! Come visit us soon please!