two zero

Blew out my candle and ate cake for breakfast like tradition
and got a hug from the cutest baby girl, all via skype.
Work work work.
Went to dinner at Moomba in brooklyn with my lovelies.
Pizookies with some friends on the upper west side.
And back to chelsea to dog sit and cuddle with my favortie pupps eva.

Shamelessly the only reason I want to keep my facebook is just so one day a year, you get more messages on your wall then you did in the past year combined all about how much people love you. You know you love it.
So thank you for all of the birthday wishes. It felt as if all of home home was giving me one big giant warm hug all at once that just enveloped me and made everything stressful just poof go away
Like this, Poof! Gone.
It was a wonderful feeling.
And a wonderful 20th birthday. 

I am now in my twenties.. Does that freak anyone else out?


  1. your best friend as in shannon? as in the girl who requested i either choose her as my new bff or move to new york with you and replace her?
    i read both those comments and they literally made me laugh out loud. if i didn't have school or work i'd be there in a flash. like faster than you can say hippogriff.
    i'm glad you're birthday went well! i love the "being fed cake via skype" picture.

  2. yes it does, considering i have memories of you being born and being oh so VERY grateful you were not a boy and that your name wasnt Peter! so i guess that makes me pretty old? except think of this- you only have 7 more years until your as old as I am. and trust me, that time will FLY! Enjoy the next 20 yrs! i hope you get to do even more than you have done in the past 20!

  3. Aw! Happy birthday! Aren't nieces the very best thing in the world? Isn't being away from them the very worst thing in the world?