Take me out

If you haven't heard yet, my roommate and best friend who started this adventure out here with me will be leaving me in one week from today. She found out a few nights ago that she got a shnazzy job at a news station in colorado and will be starting a new chapter in her life there.

My feelings on the whole thing? I feel like my comfort blanket (aka shanny) is being pulled out from under me. Sad in the aspect that I don't get to be with my best friend everyday anymore. Scary thinking about being out here without any piece of home surrounding me. But wonderful that I am being given another chance to force myself into new surroundings where i can grow even more.

In the next month or two I will hopefully moving out of brooklyn and into the city. I have loved living in Brooklyn and would gladly stay if it weren't for the fact that every single soul I know out here lives in the city and it takes me at least an hour to get to any of them. Isolated and Shannon-less is not what i want to be.

It's amazing how fast life changes eh?

Any-who on to the pictures.

Can you say Yankees game anyone?
Ward activity=Free tickets and loving life.

This was my first major league baseball game and I can now say baseball is my favorite sport to watch. I like basketball games but start to get bored after so many times back and forth across the court. And BYU football games with my dad are pretty high up there in my "Loving sports" category. But this baseball game brought out of me a whole new love that I didn't know was even there.

And one of the best parts is at the end of the game they play Frank Sinatra New York, New York and everyone dances around (okay maybe just me) and you have one of those surreal moments of saying to yourself "Do I really live in NY? Is this real life??"

and now I will leave you with the oh so wonderful Frank Sinatra so you can love your life for a bit.


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  2. there is one fact in here that is incorrect. That was not your first major league baseball game and I feel you have offended not only me but dad and danica as well that you dont remember going with us. You went to see the Baltimore Orioles when we lived in Merry Land! baseball is absolutely my FAV sport to watch! Im jealous you got to go see the Yankees play in NY!

  3. haha oh my gosh kira i forgot about that! i want to go visit maryland while i am out here to see the lighthouses and aquarium again. Maybe i will go see a game when i am there.

  4. i heard, i'm sorry. that sucks. on the plus side you got yankees tickets...for FREE. i'm excited to read about your new adventures in the citay.