This city makes me want to be a better person. I think there are only two words that seems appropriate to describe how I feel right now.
I crave.
I crave the gospel more than ever. When I am in the city and temptation is all around me, I want to be home reading my scriptures, or in church listening to a uplifting talk. I wish church was everyday. What a great way to start your day. It's amazing how much more i appreciate it now that I am out here on my own.

Since it was Sunday yesterday me and shannon decided to stay in.
What do you do in nyc in a small apartment with no tv and no friends??
Play with your cat or play a few rounds of uno.
Occasionally we find a cat or two in the fridge.

Loving my time here in the big city.
You would think with so much to do here I would have already blogged 12 times.
I promise to be better at it.

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  1. Oh, San!
    Bliss, bliss, bliss!!!
    I love the first views of your new apt. Maybe do a 360 shot or something? You won't need to take more than a few steps to do it.
    More pics, please!!!