Nassau Ave.

I Don't Like:

-When I forget to bring hand sanitizer with me whenever i am traveling via subway
-When I swipe my metro card and it says go so i go and it turns out it was playing a joke on me so i slam into the metal thingy. (this happens at least once every day)
-When I get stuck in the subway doors.

I Do Like:

-Dancing while waiting for the subway to come.
-Listening to the black girls gossip on the subway and talk about how good they look.
-That the subway is literally a walking catalog. I have already decided my next 5 purchases thanks to the subway models (aka any adorable new yorker who rides one the G train or the L train when i do)

 Me and Shannon have decided to make a video blog to document our time spent here in new york together. I shall post more info tomorrow.

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  1. African-American Girl's Blog:

    Things I Like:
    1. Watching the white girl slam into the metal thingy after swiping her metro card.*
    2. Watching the white girl dance while she waits for the subway.
    3. Watching the white girl mis-time getting off the subway and then getting stuck in the doors as they close.

    * I think I saw this girl's mom slamming into the metal thingy a few years ago when she was in town.