I don't know what's more depressing. That fact that I have eaten a whole pound of pretzels in 4 days, or the fact that I can't go to the Joshua Radin concert due to tickets being overpriced. Okay that's lie. Tickets to go see Joshua Radin could never be over priced, but i don't have a job yet, therefore i can't spend money on recreational activities.


like the title of this post says: i.am.very.displeased.

okay now I'm done ranting. 
forgive me.


  1. Go to the concert ticket window and tell them you would like to be participate in their ATP program. When they ask you what the ATP program is, tell them ATP stands for Ability To Pay. Then tell them you are able to pay $5. When they say that the tickets cost more than that, remind them that as part of the ATP program they should only charge you what you are able to pay. Tell them that when you get a job, you'll be able to pay more for tickets, but until then you can only pay $5.

    You can start a whole movement. In fact, let's rename it to the MATP program where the M stands for Madi.

    Great idea, huh!

    P.S. If they go for this, then buy 30 tickets at $5 with the money we gave you for a coat. Once you have the tickets, quickly offer the other 29 tickets for sale on ebay at full price. This is called arbitrage and NY was built on the principle.

    P.P.S. Shannon and Danna Lee have to pay full price because they have jobs and are ABLE to pay the full price.

  2. your blog is adorable! i love it and all the photos :)