Hot or Cold

January 26th:
  • Wake up. freezing.
  • Brave the cold. Not as fun as originally planned.
  • quick trip into the city to buy a cupcake at whole foods and then back home to brooklyn. cold.
  • Continued emailing photographers to see if i can assist on shoots. warm.
  • Shannon made rice-a-roni. Shannon burnt rice-a-roni. Shannon made pasta. Shannon came close to burning pasta.
  • Back into the city for insitute. cold. Wonderful lesson.
  • Bite to eat at a pizza shop with a group from institute. warm.
  • Now to friends apartment to watch byu game. super warm.
  • Braved the cold once more and walked home in a foot a snow. frigid. death.
  • Home. sopping wet. cold
Warm now and happy. happy. happy.  


  1. love the new header pictures and layout!

  2. Love your blog header you look adorable!!