i know you've thought it before don't lie

I know I know.
Lets get it out in the open so it's not awkward and just talk about it...

I look like i'm twelve.
I've been in college for a year and a half and i still get asked how high school is treating me. In fact just the other day i had a guy ask me if i was old enough to drive yet. Thank you ladies and gentlemen I am a 19 year old who looks like she can't even date yet.
But, I've come to terms with this fact and I am moving on.

Okay, now that we have that over with i would like to now become one of those annoying people on facebook that update their staus every second of the day counting down to when their big news is happening. 
I woke up early (before 9 is a big deal for me) and couldn't go back to sleep due to the fact that:

In 14 hours i will be on a plane flying to my new home of Brooklyn, NY.
just sayin.
It's a weird feeling i am having.
All i'm sayin is Faith people.
(breath in breath out madi)

*below are pictures of the 12 year old's fabulous party her family threw for her.
-the slide-show that the other missy made for me
-"our band is named after jessica's body"
- the little sail boats with me and shannon's faces on them
-dominating at twister & funglish
-and the delicious farr's ice cream

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  1. i went to farr's today.

    i go to farr's everyday.
    it's fine.