MoMa Fashion Show

Remember how I dog sit?

My friend is out of town at least a week out of every month and I get to go stay at her place in chelsea while she is gone to baby sit her pup's. I get to sleep in her huge beautiful bed and watch netflix on her flat screen tv. And it's conveniently located a block away from Chipotle and Pinkberry. I loooove when she needs me to stay over. She treats me so good, seriously I love this girl.

The other night she snuck me and danna lee into her fashion show she was modeling in at the MoMA. I about peed my pants when i heard it was a charity show raising money for Aids hosted by JAMES FRANCO. She took us back to where they were getting ready and i was in a sea of shirtless male models. We snuck out to the runway and to watch her and spotted James Franco himself. I also saw Lance Bass from NSYNC and Ke$ha was rumored to be there but was never spotted.

I am making her sneak me into all of her fashion shows from now on.
Having a super model as a friend has it's perks.
One of them is being able to say that to try and myself sound legit.

That first picture is Michelle, I love her pup's.
This is where you can appropriately comment on how completely under dressed I was.
The guy in the jean jacket is her boy friend.
And am not exaggerating when I say they are seriously cutest couple ever.

this night was the shiz.
the only thing that could have made it better
is if Justin Bieber himself was there.


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?!!?
    you are living my DRREAAAAAAAM!!!
    i can't believe you got to see james franco in the FLESH. ahhhh. that's it. i need to graduate tomorrow so i can move out there and party all the time.

  2. JAMES FRANCO was in the same room as you! i would have broke down in tears, and been such an embarrassing giddy girl fan. I would try to keep my poise but freak, he is too sexy!!