last night in the BK

Brooklyn has been my home for almost 6 months now, and it has become the only way i know how to live.

I know to take the G to the 7 to get to work, or if it's a thursday or friday, G to the E to the 6.

I know I have to walk out the door exactly an hour before work and this puts me there 20 minutes early but if i leave just a few minutes later i will miss the subway and by the time the next one comes and I will be 5 mintues late to work. 20 minutes early.. or 5 mintues late has been the battle in my life.

I know that once i get off the subway I can start singing in my head the street names in order and once i reach Newel and see the samalaboogaslawa laundry mat on the next block, I am home.

I know that the moment I get on the L train heading towards bedford ave, I will be in a sea of hipsters.

I know that on saturdays and sundays if you walk around williamsburg you will find some of the best farmers and artist markets.

I know that 9 times out of 10 the conversation in passing will be in polish and I will feel like I'm in a different country.

I know that whenever someone new comes over to my apt. without fail they will ask "I feel like I am falling over when I walk, is this apartment slanted?" Slanted is a massive understatement.

I know that if i am walking home past ten on any given night, there will be the same gangsters in front of the deli on diamond and nassau, doing their drug deals, and blasting their thug music. It's become a sense of stability in my life.

Tomorrow this time Norman Ave will no longer be my address. I will no longer have chalkboard paint walls. I won't have to leave an hour early to get to my destination. I won't have 2 black kitties as my sleeping companions. And I won't get to call Brooklyn my hood anymore.

Tomorrow I will be the newest resident to the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
I am ecstatic to be starting a new and learning to become a true new yorker.

Due to this being my last night in the BK I took a stroll around my hood and snapped a few photos on my way.


  1. i hope your move goes well and that you lear to love your new neighborhood!

  2. when i first started reading this i was sad because i thought you were moving back home. then i got excited for you. but i want details! why are you moving? and, the "upper west side" just sounds swanky. please do me a favor and marry james franco.

  3. leanard ekford mcguinness newel diamod jewel! Madi this post made me miss adventure life with you so much! Even though you are moving north you need to keep in tough with your roots and get all dressed up hipster and go to artist and fleas. love you little miss. more then words.

  4. ahh I wish I had the money to come visit you! It is beautiful and I want to experience NY! ps if I have never told you - you are an AMAZING photographer!

  5. Missy those pictures are so pretty! haha and you never told me your apartment was slanted??

  6. Sometimes I feel like Manhattan has given up it's wild ways, sold it's motorcycle and bought a house. And now that Brooklyn is back home from graduating college it's the cooler of the two.

    Enjoy your new life in Manhattan, the upper west side is a pretty place.