i am loving my time here in utah.
logan was utterly blissful.
a much needed weekend with my girls.
i was reminded how absolutely lucky i am 
to have them as the examples 
and role models in my life.
and yes i have been back and forth
about staying here and 
never going back to NY.
but that would be giving up. 
and i have realized this past week that giving up
is the easy way out and i am 
seeing way to much of it around me.
the past five months i have 
learned things that i could have never learned 
while living in utah.
living in NY has not been easy,
but what i learned last week in a zoobies (definition 1 please) apt.
is that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
so i will keep going,
and keep forcing myself into uncomfortable situations
because that's the only way I keep moving and growing.

and now in two days madi is putting her big girl pants on
and is heading back to the place where she will
eventually be able 
and happy 
to call home.

this is the only picture documented of my time in logan.
but it might have been the best part.

out on babbitts swing in her backyard loving our lives.

also, thank you chels for showing me more of angus and julia stone.
i can't get enough of them.


  1. love you madi, thanks for coming, you made me stronger. love you, you wont be alone out there just remember.