myspace bathroom awesomeness

Thoughts running through your mind:

+Myspace bathroom pic?

+Awkward hip-to-hand ratio?
+The gurrl needs a iphone. 
I thought everyone in NY had one?
Did she take this picture with a ghetto full slide out keyboard phone?

 I was thinking the exact same thing. I bet we were thinking it at the exact same time and both had some sort of brain wave thingy. Or do you just practice legilimency in your spare time?

Either way I completely agree with all of these thoughts you are having.
 I just felt the need to share with you my deep love for the doctors coat I wear at work.


p.s. If this were one of those blogs that gives you tips on how to motivate and improve your life I would tell you this: 
 I find that life is 10 bazillion bajillion times better when I use harry potter references at every presented opportunity.
doooooooooo it.

p.p.s I'm not quite sure why I love this song. Maybe it's because the combination between Rye Rye's voice, clothes, and dance moves puts me in a state of bliss everytime I watch it. Or maybe it's the fact that this was filmed just a few streets away from where I live and I feel some her awesomeness blowing through the air when i set outside.

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  1. haha i love that you have a link to legilimency