I am in a posting slump these days.

And this is where I push the dislike button on my not blogging or posting any pretty pictures.
I feel as if everyone in unison should booo me for not taking more pictures of this beautiful place called Brooklyn NY.
Now here goes me sharing my findings for you all to see.
Babble babble babble.

First watch the original version from 1:38-2:31
And then watch this version from 1:01-1:55. 

I sat with my mouth open in awe the whole time at both of them.

Now go look here and tell me you aren't in love with this outfit.

And then feel free to salivate over this and this.

And then go to my pintrest account and take a gander at those wedding rings I have been gushing over for quite some time now. (besides the first couple) all of them are under five hundred which might be why i love them so much. Future hubby, do not go into debt buying me a wedding ring. Instead, put your money to better use like buying me a trip to Ireland or fulfilling my life long dream of owning my own pinkberry, taco bell, or chick-fli-a, where there will be endless amounts of delicious, deep fried, sugary goodness.

Then pull your serious face out for awhile and read this. My dad sent this to me and i cried the whole way through reading it. What are your thoughts on "Perfection"?

And then listen to this song that's been on repeat the past week.

And last this is a picture in honor of ARRY POTTAH coming out on dvd today.

Have I dedicated a post to my love for HP yet?
Yes my love deserves a whole post.

Tomorrows agenda, the temple with my lovelies from conneticut.
Have a great weekend peeps!

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    okay, i loved this post. and that video WOW. it's my goal to rap like that. i'm also obsessed with that second wedding ring. OBSESSED. teach me how to pintrest?
    this post basically just confirmed the need for us to be friends.