i spy a shannon drinking snapple..

I recently discovered that most of my dessert and soda cravings can be subdued by water and a piece of gum. And by the looks of my bank account I've been forcing stride in my mouth every 3.5 seconds.

How i wish I could stop at that deli I walk past everyday on my way home and purchase that ben and jerry's half baked sitting in that freezer just sweetly calling my name.
Poor poor belly.
Sad sad bank account.

Something must be done.


  1. Ohhhh how I love that Shabamba... :)

    Here's what I have to say...

    I'm leaving to come to approximately, exactly 232 mi from you very soon... which equals 4 hours 37 min approximately exactly away from you via a $20.00 sketchy china town bus...
    && I just filed my tax return...

    =We will eat Half Baked together, on me. I insist. Your brittle little bones require it.

  2. mmm half-baked. tasty. but you're doing good with the water!

  3. hahaha. i have the same problem..i have been trying to drink a ton of water lately. but hey, every once in a while, get yourself that half-baked. it's too good not to enjoy.
    also i am excited to start following your blog!

  4. love your photography! super cute blog miss. following....now! :)