Lovin' photoshop these days.

These are my thoughts and i will try to make sense of them but forgive me if it doesn't come out right.

This quote hit me. hard. Kind of like when shannon gets really really excited and accidentally hits herself in the face from the excitement. I felt like i was getting hit in the face.

I know i am capable of so much more. But yet, most of the time I end up feeling like the lines from Ingrid Michaelson's song:

"I want to change the world.
Instead, I sleep."
by Ingrid Michaelson

Moving away and getting a new perspective on life has been a huuuge eye opening experience for me. Yesterday at work it was slow for a couples hours and I just let myself write. Now let me explain, I am not very good at keeping a journal or writing down my thoughts when i get them so this was kind of a big deal. I wrote a whole page on everything I want to accomplish in life. I then took each of those and wrote another page on each of those goals.
I believe I wrote more yesterday than i have combined in the past year. Haha quite sad if you ask me.

I wrote about when I'm a wife, I want to be that couple even at 82 who can't get enough of each other.
I wrote about when I am a mother, I want to teach my kids the gospel and instill in them a desire to serve.
I wrote about my desire to travel, to be apart of the different cultures, and to learn the different languages with my family so that one day my house will be filled with those memories and experiences.

Being surrounded by remarkable people is instilling in me the desire to become a remarkable person. I mean seriously, my institiue teacher works for forbes magazine. Come on, really?? These people have seen what they are capable of and are working towards becoming that.

Life is great people. Even when it feels like it isn't, it is.

Now, I am off to the farmers market in the park.
Have a lovely (non-government shutdown) weekend!


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