New York, you've made a liar out of me.

Now listen. This post.. well its a bit sappy. But i've just embraced my sappy-ness and learned to love it. So if sappy makes you squirm in your seat folks feel free to just skip this post. 

When people back home ask me how New York is I lie. I lie because when I left Utah I was so ready for things to go the way I wanted them to. I had this picture in my mind of the way things were going to go. So when I got here and the excitement of being in a new place wore off, I realized this was not going to go the way I had planned. When people would ask me how it was going in their "oh my gosh you live in new york now how is it??" excited voice I hated admitting that everything was not perfect.

And not until today did I realize this:

Being out here doesnt mean that I can't admit its hard, because it is.
And it doesn't mean that I can't admit that I am unhappy sometimes.


I am grateful things don't turn out perfect. I am grateful that Heavenly Father forces me out of my oh so little hermit shell to make me grow and learn.
There is no doubt in my mind that this gospel is what gets me through it every day. 
I am very blessed to have family and friends back home that are constantly reminding me I will always have a place to go. And I am grateful to be out here because I know this experience is making me a better person. After seeing everything Japan's experiencing I felt like I needed to express how blessed I am that I have the life that I do. 

I recently stared writing down at the end of the day at least three things I am grateful for that day and its helped me stay on the more optimistic side of things.

So peeps,

What are you grateful for?


  1. 1. your face
    2. your mom's face
    3. your face's face

  2. thanks for being so grateful for my face. your face is pretty great too.