birffday cake

I saw a picture of this cake and had this idea to make a stop motion picture of putting it together for my sister's birthday. Too bad I am not a baker and the cake fell apart in the middle of taking pictures haha.
Can you guess which one was mine?

Ohh my sad sad baking skills.

Happy Birthday Kira I hope even through your contractions and baby Ryker kicking you in the ribs its a day full of glitter and bliss! In one day you will be a mommy to your first baby boy, Love and miss you!

please notice the flour and icing caked onto my shirt. 
if you zoomed up enough i bet you could see it caked to my face.


  1. hahah missy i love this so much! happy day of birth and broken cake to kira!

  2. what a beautiful cake! I think you did a fabulous job! Happy Birthday to Kira!

  3. thank you! you made me cry... that could be due to the hormones but take it as a compliment! wish you could be here! love you!

  4. Ya know what, I would still eat it! Good attempt, I'm sure it still tasted delightful.