cant keep it to myself - babble post

Every year i want to go so every year i plan on it. And then every year for one reason or another (work, almost making it but getting stuck in traffic, being on the oppisite end of the country etc..) i end up not being able to attend.
So i'm staying off facebook because in about 1 hour, it will look like the color festival threw up all over my news feed.

I wish i had enough creativity running through my body to make something like this. Also i very much enjoyed the song. If you liked, go here to see more happiness.

I stare at this picture multiple times a day, drooling over the colors. And then usually go and make some for myself.

I will learn french someday.

Men in cardigans? I tried to with all of my effort via skype last night, to convert my brother in law but he wasn't having it. What do i say to the male gender and cardigans? Mmmmm. Me thinks yes. There's even a blog dedicated to men in cardigans.
Your thoughts?

Have you ever seen a cuter little girl? I think not.

I am still in love with this. Watch the video. I ooo'd and awwe'd over it.

Hope your weekend is wonderful and full of attractive men in cardigans!


  1. I feel the exact same way! for 4 years i've been planning on going and then something comes up! I've still never been, and I'm so sad because I'm moving after this and definitely wont go. so i had my own festival of colors with my pastels... not even close to the same, but color was involved!

  2. I'm seriously obsessed with that video. I came across it a couple of months ago, and have viewed it literally like 20 times. It's so fun! Have a great weekend!

    ~Ariel at

  3. This video is so you, Madison. Your Dad loves you!

    As for the Festival of Colors, almost the best part is, afterward, letting the water run over your head in the shower and watching the many colors run down the drain. Well, that, and blowing your nose and having a rainbow appear in the tissue.

    And what is the best part, you ask? That would be the incredible shared experience with a few thousand people you will not likely see again until the next festival. Never underestimate a shared experience.

  4. yes.yes.YES. to the men in cardigans. it is one of the most attractive things ever.