i love the child you created kira

**Disclaimer** Don't feel required to watch this video. I have whats called "i love my niece way to much" syndrome and i think she is the funniest person alive. I'm pretty sure my sister Kira has stopped blogging because i have taken over her job of posting about her family. 

Brinley has a slight obsession of taking videos of herself on photobooth. This provides a lot of entertainment later when you find random videos of her singing elmo's world or talking to justin bieber.

Yes she did sing hot potato over and over for a minute and thirteen seconds.
And yes she did slap herself repeatedly while saying "is this annoying??" for forty eight seconds.

This child is constant entertainment.
Enjoy kira, i think your future self will thank me later for posting this.


  1. hahhahahha best ever! hot potato.

  2. ha ha this is awesome. she's a character.

  3. hahaha missy i can't stop laughing at this. favorite part: "thaaaats elmos worrrrrld!....Hot potato hot potato....POtato potato" haha

  4. Have a safe trip, darling! :) :)
    Ha ha ha.... Brin... that little monster.