a year and three months

My last day at texas is coming up real soon and I'm sort of really sad. Even though the job itself wasn't something that I would want to do forever, the people there have been my family away from family since I moved here a year and three months ago. It's weird that i have been up here that long and that I am leaving it all now. 

Logan has been the biggest blessing in my life.

But, we must always make room for change and I know New York is where I need to be right now. A little over a year ago I moved 2 hours away from my home and it brought me the best people and experiences I could ever ask for. I am now moving across the country, think about what new and exciting things will come with that. It's not going to be smooth sailing, I'm sure it will come with great trials, but I know it will also bring me the happiness that i want and need in my life.

It's so close i can smell it.

breath in.breath out.

(produced from 7d)


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