You know you've been watching too much Grey's Anatomy when:
- The wall on your gingerbread house collapses and you immediately think "he's got a collapsed lung"
- You are shaving and you picture yourself doing surgery.
- You start comparing the characters to you and you friends and you start actually calling them by that name.
- All your dreams are about being an intern at SGH.
I know I've got a problem. Lets not talk about it.

Lets talk about how the date is December 1st so i get to shave my legs that have been growing strong for the past 30 days. Also we found out what our address is going to be in New York so we Google mapped it.

 48 more days and i will be living on this lovely street!

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  1. what the!? I have been addicted to grey's anatomy too! haha!! i'm only on season three though. its so good I CAN'T stop watching it!