i need to be packing


- I just started packing my room. My heart hurt kind of a lot thinking about leaving Logan.
- My last day at texas roadhouse was last thurdsay. After, I cried the whole way home.
- I have four videos to make before Christmas, have i even started filming.. nope.

So much to do, yet i would much rather sit here and blog stalk you than think about moving out.
Yes blog stalking keeps me very happy. 

So i fell in love a while back with these pictures..
and then saw their wedding photos here..
and then saw that they recently started a family..
and that all led me to their adorable blog. And i came to the conclusion:

 I want to be just like them some day.

Come on. How can you not think this family is adorable.

Take your mind off of finals for a while and go blog stalk them. you will be oh so happy you did.


  1. I love how you not only blog stalked these people but you posted them on your blog for others to stalk! You make my day! :)

  2. ok, seriously CUTEST couple ever!!

  3. And the tables have turned my friend! Whose the real stalker? :)

    Can't wait to see your adventures in NYC. Love NY!

  4. haha well now i look like a creep!
    love your blog and i decided if i ever move to Arizona we will be the best of friends!