sun valley (pictures)

I Might have went a little picture crazy on this trip and took a billion pictures of these beautiful girls and like zero of myself. So i promise i was there and it was the best weekend i've had in quite some time.


Best parts of the trip:
-Swindling our way onto a tram ride for free
-"Ive got gas, who's got the movie"
-Dress up with the butterfly
-Pillow fights with hunter
 -"Why does that bird only have one eye"
-Spiritual talks with tessa's mom and dad
-Tessa accidentally driving off without one of us in the car EVERY SINGLE TIME

Things I will miss greatly about utah while im gone:

Sun Valley trips with these amazing girls.


  1. love love love love love love love love love and the mirror one turned out way sweet! yay SUN VALLEY!!

  2. Umm Madi... Have you noticed that most of these pictures look like they could be on a magazine ad or in picture frames straight from the store!!?? You are so awesome at photography and you and your friends are gorgeous! Love these pics!

  3. You girls are adorable :)
    looks like the trip was fun!