Eating Inn n out
on a Wednesday night
watching 30 rock in my bed.

This is where God chose to come to me.

& it was one of those moments where He grabs you by the collar and pulls you in real tight so your foreheads are almost touching. And softly pleading he says to you "are you listening?? Did you hear that?”

And for some reason, those nerves in your brain that tell your lungs to keep going & not stop because if they do you'll for sure kill over? They stop all communication. For half a second you loose all connection & you forget to take a breath. Because if you are being honest with yourself, you weren't listening.

He comes to you. Wherever you are & whatever the circumstance. 3,000 miles gone, he comes to you.

I have to believe that. 

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  1. Your religion is true religion. I love it so much.