E V E.

The Mother of All Living.

"It is through women that souls journey to mortality and gain their agency, and in general it is through the nurturing of women, their nurturing love of their children, that the light of Christ is awakened within each soul. And we should include in that list of souls Jesus the Christ. Even Christ our Lord was escorted to mortality and veiled in flesh through the gift of a woman, fed at his mother’s breast, and awakened to all that is good and sweet in the world. Women escort every soul through the veil to mortal life and full agency." - I am a mormon because I am a feminist 

My role -- *our role* -- as a woman, is so much more than I ever thought. I'm sure my view will continue to change (maybe even significantly) throughout my life. And yet, through the last few months I've finally recognized what my soul has always known. I'm starting to catch a glimpse at what we have always been -- what we were foreordained to be. It's just taken my mortal self a little bit of time to catch up to rest of me. Eve was called the mother of all living long before she ever gave birth. We have always been and will always be "a mother" in one sense of the word or another.

Reading Eve and the Choice Made in Eden by Beverly Campbell, countless experiences in the temple, discussions with the women in my life, and one on one talks with my Father in Heaven have changed the way I feel about motherhood. I now feel a tremendous amount of weight when thinking about the role I have to fulfill here. But the same amount of honor and love have also appeared through all of this.

Read. Study. Pray. 

Do everything you possibly can to get a glimpse at the magnitude of who you are as a woman -- especially a woman in this gospel. 

My own mother - there are not enough words for. 

I was nurtured and loved far beyond what I feel I deserve. 
I have been lead to what my spirit knows is true, not only because of her, but because of multiple other women who've been placed in my path.  

My role is to nurture & to heal.
My role is to love & lead.
My role is to help carry those souls that have been put in front of me, through this life.

And yet even though I am to be all of those things for someone else, I have no doubt somehow I will learn far more from those souls than they will ever learn from me. 

(more on how great my mom is)