exploration over manipulation

Working at a swim suit shop for over a year now has been a constant up and down experience in respect to body image. In the past year I've seen countless women in bathing suits. Countless legs, Countless arms, stomachs, butts, & boobs. I've heard every self loathing line you could think of. & because of this I have had a lot of time to think about the idea of body image and how it effects myself and those in my own life. So here is what I have learned.

I've learned that this tiny yet towering body of mine doesn't like to be self loathed. It wants acceptance. I've worked for a long time at not hating my body for being who it wants to be. And most of the time I am not successful at that fete . Everyone has an issue with their body- yes even skinny women. Changes in the body are inevitable and at some point I'm sure I will be wanting for this small body of mine again. But for now I am learning to love & not hate what I've been gifted.

& hopefully- at some point - my body will change as it learns to house another's. Echoing my sisters thoughts- I hope to look at my new body as evidence of the love that I will be holding in my arms. Proof that I am what I've always been- what we were foreordained to be- a mother to all living, a nurturer and comforter. I hope that if & when the day comes that I get to bring another into this world, that I will be thanking and not loathing. That I will look at my newly formed body with love.

You are here learning how this body that you've been given works. What things your body likes, & definitely what it doesn't. Your body is the result of self exploration. 
Exploring all the swig cookies.
Exploring hours with the combo of couch + Netflix. 
Exploring the practice of yoga - how it effects your body physically as well as spiritually
Even exploring how it feels to push a 9 lb baby out of your downstairs parts.

Let yourself explore.
Dont let those poisonous thoughts overtake what you already know.