time will do the talking

I've become a firm believer in time. Giving myself time to see past the hardship of what "now" is so apparently shoving in my face. Giving the Lord time to work it out. Time has told me that I am more than my current weaknesses. Those things that seem to be the hardest to overcome, I overcame. Those things that seemed never ending, ended. And the main ingredient? 

I took an 8 month break from my life to go and help others find theirs. What was so apparent when I came back was how much time changes us all. It wasn't so apparent when I was home and gradually watching the change happen. But it's like coming home and seeing how much your nieces have grown. Had you been with them everyday the growth wouldn't be as clear. But because you stepped away for a while, the differences are tangible. 

Time & experience can alter someone you thought could never change.

Time will heal. Maybe taking years, but ultimately the passing of time will tell you what you can't hear right now. Patty Griffin your words sink straight to my bones. 

So taking a comfy seat, I actively wait for time to make clear what is unexplained right now. One day I'll see and it, and it will be then that I say to myself "Dammit Madi, look at who you've become because of that, why'd you have to complain so much? You could have saved so many ears from hearing your unpleasant whining."
And then I will buy everyone Taco Bell in hopes of showing how sorry I am I subjected you to that awful pitch of my voice.


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