always there. just like he promised.

He came. And made a vow to never leave her side again. The minute the promise was given, a darkness something fierce engulfed her. Sitting there on her chest, weight that was so grueling she feared all of her tensed muscles keeping this from crushing her eventually would release, give out. Relaxing wasn't an option. One minute okay, next, her knees making contact with the floor.
Patty Griffin, Gregory Alan, Ofelia are all there happy to help in any way they can. The voices of those she had fallen in love with would for hours sing to her while building up a wall between him and her. Water-coloring, spinning roving into yarn - the fibers drafting through her fingers easing her hurt mind. All becoming more of a sedative than a cure. The wall never stayed for long. Anytime she was alone, she felt the stifling atmosphere that she had come to know so well spreading over her once again. He was there, always. Just like he promised.
"Sister Waters, this will never.go. away. This will always be your struggle." He said.
Slowly the muscles are building. She can feel them. They are sore, but the good kind of sore. The kind that makes you want to work the muscles more because you know results are coming.
In the beginning she wished for nothing more than for this to go away.
But now she see's.
Her eyes are opened.
He showed her the way to compassion. & In the end if that’s all he showed her - how to be compassionate - she will still shake his hand, imagining tears being involved, and thank him for it all.


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