i'll go first

Share with me the dark parts of yourself? I'll go first if that makes it easier.

The stroke of the brush takes my crippled mind and gives it a minute to manage - a break if you will. Laying down water within the lines of my mind. Carefully dropping in color before the water soaks in making it harder to manipulate. 

Sap Green with a drop of Burnt Umber to try and stimulate that quiet security -  the feeling that only being in nature can give to you. On the days when I feel taken advantage of by the judgments of others, pure Phthalo Blue - unnatural in my opinion. It's sole purpose, to please the spectators. The decided glance of others towards my experience gives me a constant need to over-think my thoughts- hence the Phthalo. & then on the best days, masking fluid already set to mimic the shape of the cosmos. Ivory Black and a hint of Ultramarine Blue run together down the back of my eyelids. Nothing so grim that the combination of water and color can't mend.

So you see here; The darkness that mental illness brings, also draws a light. A light by which you are given the ability to see.

Share with me the dark parts of yourself, I'll go first if that makes it easier.
Then wait with me while we watch for the light.
Its worth it, I just know it.